Life is meant to be lived – cherish the exciting moments, and relish in those all too brief moments of relaxation. We are here to live our own lives, and live it passionately. Peace, Health, and Happiness serves as a vessel to project our passions, and clue-in our loyal readers as to what inspires us in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on…

Meet Geeta

Hi! My name is Geeta and I am a wife and boy-mom to two amazing little men! My passions include food, reading, essential oils, food, traveling, driving, relaxing on my front porch, food, and learning to play the piano. Oh and did I mention I love food?

A few years ago, as I was reaching a milestone birthday, I decided to take stock in my life and set some goals to continue to build the life of my dreams. At around this  time, I was also introduced to Young Living and what a great fit it has been in my pursuit of peace, health, and happiness! So much so that it is now my mission and passion to share how wonderful the Young Living products are with anyone else who has similar goals to live a healthy life and stay above the wellness line. My story…

Meet Carol


Hi! I’m a busy mom of 2 (boy & girl). Like many of you, I’m trying to maintain a work-life balance. A few years ago, I was introduced to Young Living and fell in love with many of their products. It has helped me strive for this balance a bit easier. It motivated me to want to learn more and now I’m passionate about sharing all the goodness of Young Living to others in hopes of helping people to achieve their balance, peace, health, and happiness.
My story…

Starter Kits


Welcome to our virtual classroom! This is the spot for you to learn about the basics of essential oils and Young Living. Take some time to explore and feel free to contact us with any questions! Just click on the underlined caption links below to explore!

Or if you prefer to learn in person, take a look at our calendar for upcoming events! All events are FREE to attend unless otherwise noted – just contact us to RSVP to any of our future events.


Spring Gardening YL Style
Monday, April 14, 7pm EDT

Zoom Event | Contact Carol or Geeta to RSVP* 

Success Mindset – The Overlooked Key to Success
Thursday, April 4, 8pm EDT

Zoom Event | Contact Carol or Geeta to RSVP* 

Frequency – The Power of Essential Oils by Dr. Oli Wenker
Monday, April 11, 7pm EDT

Zoom Event | Contact Carol or Geeta to RSVP* 

Young Living Nature’s Ultra CBD
Monday, April 11, 8pm EDT

Zoom Event | Contact Carol or Geeta to RSVP* 

Circulation and Lymph
Monday, April 13, 8pm EDT

Zoom Event | Contact Carol or Geeta to RSVP* 

Essential Oil Impact – Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wellness by Dr. Aubrey Mast
Monday, April 18, 7pm EDT

Zoom Event | Contact Carol or Geeta to RSVP* 

Fearless Women’s Summit
Saturday, April 24, 9am-4:30pm EDT
Hyatt Place, Fort Lee, NJ

Join this event to discover your path during an incredible day of inspiring speakers and meaningful connections.
This is a registered event. 8 guest speakers & vendor tables. Click HERE to view and register for this event.

Summer Vacay Products
Monday, April 26, 9pm EDT

Zoom Event | Contact Carol or Geeta to RSVP* 

West Orange Spring Craft & Vendor Show
Saturday, April 30, 10am-4pm, EDT

Come visit us at our vendor table!


Here we will share with you the secrets we’ve picked up along way on our wellness journey. Join us on our adventures in wellness and our pursuit of peace, health, and happiness!