Why ditch plug-ins and air fresheners?

Spring is finally here!! While we are waiting for the weather to catch up so we can enjoy the outdoors, let’s help bring spring “indoors” by using essential oils to create a clean, fresh environment.

It has been years since I’ve used plug-ins and air freshener sprays. You may have noticed that when you are using plug-ins or air fresheners/synthetic room sprays, you many experience a headache or coughing within minutes. For me that’s used to be the case. After I spray the “freshener” all over my living room, I’d need to step away for a few minutes to let it settle so I didn’t choke in it. On top of that, I was fumigating the rooms with several of the same synthetic scents to the point that my nose was getting “numb” to the scents.

A lot of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrance in these products have not been tested for safety or regulated.  “Fragrance” contains non-disclosed mixtures of ingredients that cause more harm than irritating your nose.  Formaldehyde is in most air fresheners, plug-ins.  There are many harmful ingredients in those fresheners, including carcinogens which are linked to cancer, allergies, asthma, endocrine disruption, and neurotoxins.

“Many air fresheners contain nerve-deadening chemicals that coat your nasal passages and temporarily block your sense of smell,” reports National Geographic’s The Green Guide. Some of the most offensive ingredients—volatile organic compounds (VOCs), benzene and formaldehyde—can cause headaches and nausea and aggravate asthma, and have been linked to neurological damage and cancer.”

So no more of the fake synthetic stuff for my house! I’m bringing the outdoors in by switching to natural alternatives – mixing and experimenting with different essential oil scents in my diffusers.  Some days I want fresh green tree aroma, while others I may opt for citrus or floral scent.

You don’t need toxic scents in your house to mask unpleasant odors. There is a better way and it isn’t difficult. Use a high-quality Ultra Sonic Diffuser and add pure Young Living Essential Oils to create the ambiance of your choice and to naturally add freshness to your home without compromising your health.  Best of all, it allows you to change up the scents daily to create an atmosphere that fits various moods and to suit your needs.

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