Bug Off! Top 5 Essential Oils for Summer Nights

If you’re one of those people who attracts all the bugs, then you know how treacherous a fun summer evening outdoors can be. The allure of a warm summer eve, sipping on your favorite drink, while the kids chase fireflies – it seems so dreamy until SMACK! You get bit by a mosquito. Then again…and again. Suddenly you find yourself smacking yourself left and right, waving your arms around like a maniac, while various parts of your body start itching and burning at the sites of the mosquito feasts. And then you wonder why you’re outside at all.

This was the story of my summer life. Until I got my Young Living Essential Oils. Before then, I had used DEET-based sprays when I was desperate, but they didn’t work that well for me. Not to mention I hated spraying that toxic stuff on me and breathing it in. (Cough, cough.) Before I was introduced to Young Living, I had also tried other essential oils to deter bugs but they didn’t work so well. I decided I would give the Young Living oils a chance, and boy am I glad I did! They truly work!

Now I have a safe, effective, and great-smelling solution to my summer miseries! I love that I can avoid the synthetic chemicals and fragrances in store-bought bug sprays. Using essential oils, I know that I have a product that it safe to use on everyone in my family. As I mentioned earlier, I am quite attractive to the mosquitoes and the like. I find my Young Living Essential Oils are actually more effective in keeping me safe than any other bug spray I have ever tried. And it sure helps that the oils smell great! I get the benefit of some of the other therapeutic qualities of the oils as well as not smell so offensive! It’s a win-win-win-win…win? Sorry…I lost track of how many wins it is! Either way, it makes me happy that I can truly enjoy summer nights with my family and friends without the desire to run and hide inside.

Here are my top 5 oils I use to keep the little buggers away:

  • Citronella
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus Globulus
  • Purification Blend

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