Surviving Quarantine: Part 1 – Get in Touch with Nature

Many of us are stuck inside our homes these days. We miss our family and friends or perhaps everyone is starting to get on each other nerves. How is it affecting you? How do you really feel these days? My kids are bickering more than usual and spending a lot of time in front of their devices. What can we do?

Go for a Walk

If you’re lucky enough to live in a suburban area, going for a walk around the neighborhood is a great idea! It gets your blood flowing, and allows you to soak in some fresh air and good old vitamin D from the sun! It also makes for a nice change of scenery from your four walls.

Sit Outside or By an Open Window

If you’re not up for a walk or you live somewhere where that is not feasible, you could simply sit out on your driveway, porch, balcony, backyard, or even by an open window. Simply sitting and breathing in the fresh spring air and listening to the sounds of nature can be so uplifting!

Open Up Your Windows

For those of you in an apartment or in metropolitan areas, you’re probably getting cabin fever. Start with just airing out your home! Open up your windows and get that stuffy winter air out of your home and let the cool spring breeze flow throughout your house. You could also invest in a nature sound machine or app to bring the sounds of nature inside.

Bring the Scents of the Great Outdoors In

In our house, we long for the of the sights and smells of the woods and nature. The best I can do now is to bring the great outdoors in to help ease many emotions (my kids are getting on each other nerves as I’m writing this). I want to share with you two versions of my favorite outdoor diffuser blend recipe. And I’m using Young Living Essential Oils with their Seed to Seal promise, so I know I’m getting the real goodness from nature.

If you’re looking for a more woodsy and clean experience, this combo helps bring on the smells & feelings of spindly trees and crystal-clear lakes.

Northern Lights Black Spruce transports me to the untouched nature of fresh trees, while Valor gives me a sweet sense of tranquility, courage and relaxation. And the hint of Wintergreen is super refreshing.

If you prefer more of a sweet springtime floral scent, this blend is beautiful and refreshing.

You can diffuse your own floral garden indoors. Geranium has an uplifting, beautiful floral aroma. It pairs really well with lavender that inspires peacefulness and relaxation. Combined with the refreshing lime essential oil to create a happy mood in the air.

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