Quarantine Survival: Part 3 – Snacking Safely!

Who’s working on their Corona 15? Snacking throughout the day without even thinking about it? Watching TV with a bag of chips in your lap? I’ve been there! BUT, I’ve also decided that while I’m going to enjoy food, I am not going to gain that 15! Here’s what I’m doing to keep that from happening!

Eat Mindfully

Now is a great time to adopt the French method of eating – enjoy every meal, savor every bite. Gone are the days when I stand at the kitchen counter and wolf down a meal in less than 5 minutes just to rush to the next task on the list!

At mealtime, sit at the table with your family without feeling rushed! Savoring each bite does a couple things for you. First, it allows you to slow down your rate of eating, thereby giving your body sufficient time to send signals to your brain letting it know you’re full – this will reduce overeating.

Second, it allows you to savor the flavors and textures of the foods you’re eating. You’ll feel more satiated with what you’ve eaten and reduce cravings.

And finally, just taking the extra time, allows for less time for boredom later in the day! 😉

Drink Water or Tea

Often times when we feel snack-ish, our body is actually craving water. Drinking water or tea throughout the day gives your body the hydration it needs and will help keep you from hitting up the pantry for a snack.

You can boost your water or warm tea with a drop of your favorite citrus Vitality oil! Not only is it a refreshing change of flavor, but these citrus Vitality oils can also help elevate your mood and bring you the therapeutic properties of these powerful fruits!

Keep a Schedule

Keeping a routine will help you pass the time and ensure that you don’t miss a meal. Having your meals and snacks scheduled will keep your blood sugar in balance and keep you from “starving” and then binging on snacks throughout the day.

Workout/Go for a Walk

Working out or going for a walk will not only pass some time and help you burn those calories from the late-night potato chips, but it will also make you feel healthier! For me, when I’m feeling healthier, I will make better choices about what I’m going to eat. I’d prefer not to let all that work go in vain by overindulging in unhealthy snacks.

Read/Hobbies/Learn a New Skill

This is all about doing something that makes you happy! This will help keep the boredom away and help improve your mood. Being happy will also reduce your need for emotional eating. Some ideas of things to do? Read books, put together puzzles, play board/card games, gardening, learn a new language, knit, color, learn to meditate, yoga – really just anything that strikes your fancy – as long as you can stay at home while you do it. 😉

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