Proud Parenting Moment: Mom, I can’t focus…

One of my proudest parenting moments happened the other day when my 12 year old, as he’s beginning remote learning for the day, announced, “Mom, I can’t focus. Can you please diffuse for me?”

I’m proud of this for many reasons – his use of the word please, his asking for help, his wanting to use his diffuser. But what I’m so so proud of is that he was in-tune with his body enough to realize something wasn’t right, identify his problem, AND have a solution for his problem. This mamma couldn’t be prouder!

I impress upon my children the importance of identifying a problem and then identifying a solution to the problem, but I do take it one step further in that I want them to be in tune with their bodies. I want them to be able to know when something isn’t right and to identify what that may be. I think it’s a very important life skill, and one that maybe not everyone has. It allows us to resolve issues before they get bad. It also allows us to better identify the causes of our issues and be preventive about our health.

So once I stopped gushing about how happy I was that he came to me with a solution to his problem, I helped him execute that solution! We set his desk-side diffuser up with a few drops of one of our favorite blends for focus…

Clarity. It’s a bright, refreshing blend that helps me clear my thoughts enough to attack the daily to do list and it helps my kiddos stay focused on the task at hand – which is especially important for a newly minted middle schooler who is now shifting gears between 8 classes throughout the day while working out technical difficulties and navigating this new “virtual school” of his. Did I say how proud I am of this kid??

Some of our other favorites for school/homework time are Vetiver, Cedarwood, Lemon & Peppermint, Brain Power, and Geneyus, a ready to use, pre-diluted blend for kiddos.

It’s great to be able to help my family tackle daily challenges in a natural way! I highly recommend any of these oils the next time you find someone in your family needs a little help focusing!

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