Aesthetic Decor = Growing Up

According to my daughter, Aesthetic Plant Décor is a big decorating trend for “Tweens”. I looked up the definition and found an article by Gail Hansen and Erin Alvarez of the University of Florida landscape department. It said “Besides being essential to life on our planet, plants add beauty and charm with their unique forms and color. Physical characteristics give each plant a distinct look and personality. Some plants are extroverts – loud, boisterous, and energetic attention getters – while other plants are introverts – quiet, calm, and content to be in the background. A good mix of plant personalities creates an interesting and appealing garden.”

I gave my daughter this beautiful ceramic Young Living Succulent Diffuser. It is perfect for her new room décor. She’s a tween now and she’s growing up – no more princess decorations in her room. She still loves her stuffed animals but is now adding many more “tween” decorations to her room. We started purging her room and she’s letting me know what we can donate. This reminds me of the scene from Toy Story when Andy packed up his toys and gave them away. It got me crying and I bet it got lots of other parents crying too!

Now back to her room, it smells amazing. This succulent diffuser is actually a free gift that I earned from Young Living and my daughter has been eyeing it for the longest time. I added 4 drops of the Evergreen Essence Essential Oil Blend in the diffuser. This is an exclusive natural blend of pine, cedar & spruces essential oil by Young Living. It’s the real deal, nothing synthetic nor a fake copycat scent! It truly brings the outdoor inside! I also gave her some extra tree oils: Northern Light Black Spruce and Tsuga (straight form Young Living farm in Canada of which I hope to visit someday to see the Northern Lights). Now she can have the smell of real trees in her room all through the winter season!

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