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I’ve always had sensitive skin and a very sensitive nose. Yes, a very sensitive nose. At work I encounter and interact daily with many different people so I carry around hand sanitizers, especially during the winter months, so my sensitive hands were getting extremely dry and red. Then my boss equipped us with Young Living Thieves hand purifier. “Wow, what is this stuff?,” I asked myself, as it doesn’t dry out my hands, it smells wonderful without the sickly synthetic perfume smell that makes me clench. I was impressed and determined to find out what Young Living is all about!

I started researching the company and the products; then with no expectations and an open mind, I attended a Young Living Essential Oils 101 class. What an eye (nose) opener! I got to smell and learn about these essential oils.  I had no idea that the many essential oils brands & oil-infused products in the market are not created equally and that so many additives and toxic chemicals are added into our daily consumer products.

It is absolutely alarming that all these products that I’ve been using on myself and my family is not safe and the long term health effects of many of the chemicals are horrifying. So, I was very excited about what these little bottles of oil could do for me. I purchased my Premium Starter Kit and it’s the best decision I’ve made to start me on this rewarding oily wellness journey.

Change is not easy, but, little by little, I am making changes for my family. These are the necessary steps to take to transform our lives & home to toxic-free living. Yes, no more toxic candles, dryer sheets, intoxicated air freshener, and cleaners. No more walking down the household cleaning supply aisle in the store where I have to hold my breath as my nose can’t handle the “fake perfume” smell and the headache that followed. My family is embracing the Young Living non-toxic lifestyle with their essential oils, cleaning products, personal care products, kid’s products, supplements, and makeup line. I’ve seen and experienced how these oils can help our family with daily mental, emotional, and physical support. Best of all, my kids are now more aware and conscious about synthetic and toxic ingredients that they may come across in their daily lives and are learning to switch to natural alternatives. Life is about making choices. Be brave, take that first step (baby step is ok too) to reach peace, health, and happiness. I love to share what I’ve learned and hope to help more people on their wellness journey!

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