Geeta’s Story


I began my wellness journey as a new mom, when my oldest son was diagnosed with  multiple food allergies. I spent countless hours trying to research why my son had these allergies when we have family history of food allergies. I also spent countless hours trying to figure out where I went wrong – surely I could have done something to prevent this from happening. #momguilt

Well, guess what I learned? We don’t know what causes food allergies. I did not cause my child to have food allergies. And there is nothing I could have done differently.

Guess what else I learned? Most conventional products that we TRUST to be safe contain a lot of ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. In my opinion, these ingredients may not have caused my son’s allergies, but they sure as heck aren’t helping! So I started to replace some of the toxic products in our home with what I thought were safer products. I started with replacing all my baby care products and cleaning products. I also started purchasing organic foods. But it turns out that many of these “safer” products were not that safe after all. In fact I actually received a refund on all my purchases from one leading brand that touts its safer, greener, eco-friendly cleaners because they lost a class-action lawsuit in which it was discovered that their products were not as safe as they claimed. Here I thought I was doing some good for my family and I failed. I was failed.

At about that same time, my friend introduced me to Young Living and I attended an Essential Oils class at her house. I had used other brands of essential oils before to some affect, so I wanted to learn more. When I learned about the lack of regulation and severely varying levels of quality, and then got my hands (and nose) on the Young Living Oils, I realized that my “Organic” oils were not as therapeutic as I had expected. I bought my Premium Starter Kit right then and there and have not regretted that decision for a second!

I quickly learned that quality essential oils were what I was missing from my life! They have helped me solve many daily issues for my family in a healthy, non-toxic way. Since then, I have slowly adopted many of Young Living’s lifestyle products including household cleaners, supplements, and personal care products. The Young Living Lifestyle is the perfect match for me and my family as we nurture our little corner of the world, with its ups and downs, and pursue our greater goals of peace, health, and happiness.

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