Surviving Quarantine: Part 2 – Fill Your “Happy Jar”

What are you feeling these days?

Are you feeling like those eggs? All sorts of emotions, all over the place throughout the day? It can be a vicious cycle. Anxiety turns into stress then results in lack of quality sleep, which can result in further stress and anxiety. I want to share with you how I combat this cycle and hope some of these tips and tricks will help you too! Lets fill up our “Happy Jars”!


Be good to yourself! It’s important to keep updated to know what’s going on in the world but we do need to take a break from the news. Try not to start your day filled with bad news. Take a deep breath and think of something that you are thankful for. This is the start of your day, fill up your “Happy Jar” with positive news or gratitude.


If you are working from home, create a work space. This will help keep you focused and have discipline at that space. Then when you are done for the day, you can totally remove yourself from your work space and relax in other areas of your home. Keep a schedule to help you accomplish tasks and promote physical and mental health.

How do I get motivated? Well, I make sure to take breaks, recheck my posture, stretch a bit and rest my eyes from the blue light. Diffusing essential oils also help me get thru my work day. It’s my reset and recharge method. It helps me promote feelings of action and accomplishment.

Did you know that our sense of smell is connected to our limbic system which is the emotional center of our brain? Certain scents evoke certain memories. I found that when I diffuse citrus oils with peppermint, it helps energize and brighten up my day. Citrus oils are refreshing and sweet. Now I’m thinking of having a refreshing drink on the beach – I’m recharged. Clarity is one of those oils that keeps my mental energy high while not feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks on hand.

Evening & Bedtime

Winding Down

Have yourself a night time routine to help decompress and get ready for bed. Celebrate what you have accomplished, it doesn’t have to be anything major. Checking up on a friend or organizing drawer are good enough for me. Spend some quiet time. Read a book or listen to some relaxing music. Watch a comedy. Take a nice warm bath. Do some relaxing stretches, Nidra Yoga, or meditation to slow down your mind and body. You get the idea, all of these are feel-good things to do. Don’t forget to stay away from your devices/blue light at least 30 minutes before bedtime. When I am finally ready for bed, I like to set up some relaxing white noise like rain in the garden or water flowing through a stream. I also set up my diffuser with a relaxing bedtime diffuser blends.

Social distancing is important but that doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself. Using my oils definitely helps me especially when I’m stuck inside. Don’t forget, connecting with family and friends is super important. Give them a call or connect on social media. Share your love and receive love. It’s so important to connect with them during this quarantine time – this will help fill up your “happy jar” and theirs.

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