Refreshing Unsweetened Vojito

Early this week I made a meal for dinner that called for half a bunch of fresh mint. So rather than put the remaining mint back in the fridge to be spoiled and found a couple weeks later, I decided to get creative with it!

I decided to make an unsweetened Vojito. Why? Because I love a Mojito but would rather have vodka over rum. Because I need to avoid sugar as much as I can. (My body does not process sugar well and it makes me feel very bad!) And well…because of the mint! Duh!

So the general problem for me with a Vojito (or Mojito) is that because it calls for lime juice it needs to balanced by simple syrup (aka sugar, ahem). But I found the perfect solution to the problem…

Lime Vitality Oil! It brings the refreshing flavor of lime without all the acid! The result is a refreshing drink with just the natural sweetness of the mint – perfection! This makes the perfect guilt-free beverage for summer!

4-8 Mint Leaves
1 drop Lime Vitality Oil
1-2 oz. Vodka
Club Soda

Drop the mint leaves and the Lime Vitality in the bottom of your favorite glass or steel cocktail glass and muddle. Add ice and desired amount of vodka. Top off with club soda. Cheers!

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