Packing for Road Trips

As I’m gearing up for my daughter’s spring & summer competition season, it’s time to look over schedules, book hotels, map out travel plans and pack for this weekend’s trip.

I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of packing for trips. I tend to over-pack. By the time it’s done, our bags are so heavy they barely close. Short and long sleeves, light weight jackets, sweats, windbreaker, sweaters, few pairs of shoes in case they get wet. People think I’m going on a ten day trip instead of two. The notion of going away is fun and exciting but I’m bogged down with the packing. I’ve got to streamline this process. So I started looking into the Marie-Kodo style packing tips. I let go and tell myself that I’m not going to into the wilderness – I can always head to the store if I need the extra outfits. It’s a work in progress but I’m getting better!

My main categories of packing are:

  • Clothing
  • My daughter’s competition essentials
  • Toiletries
  • My Essential Oils

I would say my most organized category would be my essential oils.

My 5 Must-Have Travel Essential Oil Companions:

DiGize Essential Oil Blend

Thank goodness for this essential oil blend for it’s digestive support. There are times when we eat something that does not agree and us and we would make a honey tea with the Digize Vitality in our hotel room. My daughter also applies it on herself when feeling a bit car sick for the long ride.

Thieves Essential Oil Blend

I use it to wipe down light switches & remote control in hotel rooms. Don’t laugh! Some of you might have seen that Dateline episode showing how dirty hotel rooms are. I also use it to boost my immune system. Got to love this multipurpose wonderful oil!

Valor Essential Oil Blend

This is my favorite “feel good” oil for emotions. It calms me down and helps me to remember to take some deep breaths. Great for “butterflies” for both me and my daughter during her competition and helps us get a good night’s sleep.

Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend

I’ll make sure to put a few drops of Citrus Fresh oil in my Car Vent Clip to freshen up my car. It helps me stay alert with the super refreshing scent during the long drive instead of reaching for my coffee = fewer pit stops!

Car Vent Diffuser

Not only does the car vent diffuser keep my car fresh, sometimes I also bring it up to the hotel room and clip it on the air vent to get rid of the stale air.

Rose Ointment

This is our special travel skin ointment. So versatile! It smells wonderful and we love it on our lips before bedtimes to keep it moist from the AC. I remember one time my daughter was rolling around playing on the carpet and bed coverings and ended up with some itchy rashes. Thank goodness for this, let’s say it soothed and calmed her skin down.

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